After taking multiple SAT prep courses and then the SAT itself, I began to think that achieving my target SAT score would be impossible. After taking the Prime Tutoring’s SAT prep course, I immediately saw my sat scores go up. With each practice test and two weeks of tutoring, I found I went up an average of about 150 points. After taking the actual SAT, my score went up nearly 400 points. Aside from the clear score improvements, I also found that the tutors themselves were awesome and fun to work with. The Center’s SAT prep course is an amazing program and definitely worth doing. I am truly lucky that I found this program and I recommend it to anyone wishing to improve their SAT test scores.

Eric StrazzaStudent

“PRIME Tutoring in Wilton is amazing. My son wakes up on his tutoring days excited to go. He loves his tutors and the staff. His confidence is great and the work they do on organization and focus will pay off in no time. If you are thinking about enrolling your child, don’t wait any longer – just go. I wish I had done this a year ago. ”

Lisa SchneiderParent

“STRONGLY RECOMMEND!! Bottom line, my daughter has improved her math by 3 whole letter grade in only 7 sessions. We are so pleased with the quick result. Tutors know the subject very well. The owner is so responsive and organized in terms of scheduling. We are very happy with the great service provided there.”

Min MorrisParent

“I wanted to let you know that Marc has started Algebra 2 and commented that he felt prepared from the tutoring. He said that the teacher asked the class who did the homework without a calculator and he was the only one who raised his hand. He said the multiplication is ingrained in his head from his time at the center. His time with you has been so well spent. You truly have helped him to improve his skills not just get him through tests etc. You will always have my highest recommendations!”

Dawn PadovanParent

“We are very appreciative of how you have been with us, our schedule, and your staff has been great. The boys have enjoyed their experience and seemingly have developed self-confidence that was not there (before).

Dr. L. MatikParent

“We are very happy! The key values provided were the individual tutoring and the focus on the areas where Austin needed the most work. I will definitely recommend their services.”

Lauren PrarioParent

“Awesome! My daughter [2nd grade] showed an amazing improvement in applying math and she is very confident and enjoys doing math. scoring 100% in her class tests. She also loves to go for her math tutoring in Wilton. Thanks to the director and all tutors for providing the best coaching method and great environment for the kids to learn their best. ”

Nimi ClarenceParent

Prime Tutoring in Wilton is amazing. My son has shown great improvement in his reading and comprehension, which in turn has given him the confidence in himself that he was missing. The staff is wonderful and Dotty, the owner, really cares about the children and their progress. I would highly recommend the Prime Tutoring in Wilton if your child needs some academic help.

Laura DParent