The pressure for college is REAL and CANNOT BE UNDERMINED and we believe in FOCUSED learning to fully equip your child on the path to college as he/she takes the specific standard test/s required. We ensure timely intervention on current or arising skill gaps by monitoring your child’s response at each stage of the preparation. We ensure that all areas are addressed shortly before he/she takes the test. On top of this, we value our partnership with you as we team up in helping your child achieve his/her standardized test objectives.


At Prime Tutoring, we take pride in our SAT/ACT preparation program. Through our years of experience and our highly qualified team of instructors, we aim to achieve each student’s mental, emotional and academic readiness in this vital component of the college admission process. Our highly customized, intensive, one-on-one sessions cover all areas and subject matter.

Like all our programs, we initiate the process through a diagnostic assessment to establish your child’s baseline as well as to help us identify his/her strengths and weaknesses. We then establish a target goal, and develop a very custom program and a plan to achieve it.

We then work on your child’s troubled areas, leverage their stronger skills and monitor progress through subsequent diagnostic and practice tests. We maintain proactive communication with you on your child’s progress to facilitate consistency and reinforcement using our periodic progress reports. Through a well-rounded approach, we guarantee a significant increase in your child’s score and confidence in their test taking abilities.

We are mindful of everything else your child does and the scheduling challenges. We understand your challenge as a parent. We take this into account when developing a custom program. With us, your child finds a “friend and a mentor” to discuss, to brainstorm, to develop, and to be confident.

Due to the highly custom nature, we work with only a few students at any given time.