Here at Prime Tutoring, We understand the learning needs of your child. We take a PROACTIVE approach in addressing the long term progress of each student through our FOCUSED and INDIVIDUALIZED programs. We specialize in one-to-one instruction under the COMMON CORE CURRICULUM. With us, your child will not only be at par but exceed national education standards.

In our years of industry experience, we have discovered that there is no “cookie-cutter” method that can address the ever-changing needs in a child’s learning. That is why we take time to assess each child’s strengths and weaknesses to develop individual programs for optimal growth. Our state-of-the art assessments reveal areas of expertise as well as challenge areas. We offer this diagnostic assessment free of charge to get your child on the path to academic excellence. Upon enrollment, we will communicate with you and make sure you are properly informed on your child’s progress and on how you can contribute to your child’s success.

Our reputation is evidence of the commitment and attention we provide every student enrolled with us. We have an effective system that guarantees quality and measurable results. Our team of passionate and dedicated instructors will work with your child to achieve their PRIME potential.


We know that home-tutoring is convenient, however your child’s proximity to distractions can lower their concentration and ability to properly address problem areas in the long term. Further, focusing just on homework in an unstructured study environment may provide some short-term relief but not long-term habits. The dynamic program that we customize for your child does not just guarantee results, but an increase in productivity as well.

We assure you that each hour your child spends with us will be an hour well-spent towards their overall development. Consistent attendance will promote discipline and rhythm in your child’s study habits. In addition we aim to optimize your child’s study skills and promote a well rounded academic growth. Two to three hours each week away from home and school will give your child the PRIME ADVANTAGE they need in learning and in life.

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Other learning centers and school-based programs use small-group instruction where each tutor works with three to five children at a time. Sometimes even more. This group-study approach has very little to no difference from what your child is getting in school. The daily classroom exposure definitely gives your child the competitive exposure he/she needs in learning, but do you think an instructor handling multiple students can adequately pin-point and address your child’s academic challenges? Every child is unique and has a different learning style, retention capacity and responds differently to various teaching methods.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with competition and group study but at times, a child needs to be taken out of an intimidating and competitive environment for a while to be able to understand the intricacies of his/her challenges in school. They need to feel comfortable to ask their questions without the fear of judgement by others.

At Prime Tutoring, we aim to complement your child’s competitive exposure in school with our one-to-one instruction. Provide them the well-rounded approach they need in their path to progressive learning. Like an athlete preparing for a competition, your child can use a good personal coach who will motivate him/her and give the academic training and discipline he/she needs in a more focused setting. Here at Prime Tutoring, we want to partner with you and your child in winning the race to a quality education.